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Will Uber try to end its narcissism?

Uber is the latest example in a long line of organizations and professional cultures guided by corporate narcissism. Such companies are so consumed with preening and filling their coffers that they lose sight of their customers. When taken to an extreme, corporate narcissism can put customers at risk. They can even be physically hurt and have their lives turned upside down in disastrous ways

Unintended Consequences of Progressive Perks

How can it be that in the past weeks Apple allowed itself to say no, just kidding: if you’re a woman, and want to work and get ahead, then compete like a man. Apple has announcement, followed a similar Facebook corporate policy, and announced that beginning in January 2015 the company will cover the costs for women who want to freeze their eggs as part of their fertility benefit under the company medical plan. Women employees can now opt to forget taking time out from demanding careers and mid- career success to have a kid.

Why women don’t get raises

For women, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s comments are a reality check — a clear sign that even though the general consciousness about women, work and equality is higher than ever, so much remains to be done. More than ever, women need to stand up, be heard and challenge the prevailing attitudes that maintain unequal treatment.